Your Camping Gear

No one likes to replace their favorite camping equipment, however if you’re toting your old gear, your body will probably thank you. “A tent that’s a little lighter won’t matter, however if you’re hauling around a steel-and-canvas tent that is forty to sixty years old and three times heavier than new ones, it’s would most likely be worth the money.

The trend is going to lightness in today’s outdoor equipment. This can impact the useful life of outdoor equipment. Backpacks and tents are quiet often made less resilient with fabric that tears more easily. “If a backpack doesn’t fit right, has a broken zipper, is torn at a seam or weighs more than the gear inside, it might be a good time to get that new equipment.

Assessing backpacking gear takes more than a set of eyeballs. For a backpack, consider how often you’ve used it, how it has been maintained, and how much weight it has taken on over the years.

It’s time to get your camping equipment.